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Taking control over your anxiety


In Anxiety Stop Week 6 we’ll cover

  • Full Cognitive Restructuring Practice
  • Next Steps

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Full Cognitive Restructuring Practice
We tackled areas of Cognitive Restructuring we will dive into deepening into a Full Cognitive Restructuring Practice.

Example of the Worksheet (scenario shared in the session):
Describe the trigger that made you anxious or fearful. Heard people in the parking lot. Worried that I have not locked the car properly.

List the major automatic thoughts you experienced.
I might not have locked the car correctly.
My car will be stolen and it will be my fault.
I can’t afford to buy a new car.

Pick one of these automatic thoughts, probably the strongest one, and identify the thinking errors in that thought.
Thinking Error  Overestimating
Explain It is probably unlocked. I’ve never found it unlocked.

Use disputing questions to challenge the automatic thought.
Disputing question: Am I 100% sure the car is unlocked?
Answer: No, but it feels safer to check the lock.
Q: Does “feeling safer” mean “actually safer”?
A: No, but I’ll be stressed all night if I don’t check.
Q: If it was stressed all night, could I handle it?
A: It’s just stress. I’m stronger than stress.

Develop a rational response.
Just because I feel like the car is unlocked doesn’t mean it is unlocked.