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Anxiety Stop Week 4 will cover:

  • Automatic Thoughts

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Automatic thoughts
Dr. Aaron Beck introduced the concept of negative thoughts in his depressed clients. These negative thoughts included things like, “I’m worthless.” and “Things never work out right for me.”. What he noticed was that they seemed to be automatic thoughts that just “jump” in their head, even when nothing was going on or when good things were happening to them. A good example of this was the thought that one of his patients had of “Nobody loves me.”, even though his family was there visiting him in the hospital.

What he discovered was that his patients struggling with anxiety also had these automatic thoughts. People with anxiety disorders go to these automatic thoughts that something dangerous or something bad will happen. Depressed people have these negative thoughts even when there is nothing wrong and the same holds true for people with anxiety disorders. Even if there is no threat or the threat is unlikely, these thoughts fall into play.