Anxiety, Stop!

Learn to manage your anxiety

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has anxiety from time to time, but chronic anxiety can interfere with your quality of life. Anxiety can have serious consequences on your physical health, although the behavioural changes are what is seen first. Anxiety is a normal part of life. For example, you may have felt anxiety before addressing a group or in a job interview.

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Anxiety feels different depending on the person experiencing it. Feelings can range from butterflies in your stomach to a racing heart. You might feel out of control like there’s a disconnect between your mind and body.

Other ways people experience anxiety include nightmares, panic attacks, and painful thoughts or memories that you can’t control. You may have a general feeling of fear and worry, or you may fear a specific place or event.

Symptoms of general anxiety include:

  • increased heart rate
  • rapid breathing
  • restlessness
  • trouble concentrating
  • difficulty falling asleep


This week we will cover

Nature of Anxiety
When is Anxiety a Problem
Difference Between Normal Anxiety & Problematic Anxiety
Why do some people
experience anxiety?


This week we will cover

The three components
of anxiety
Downward spiral of the
three components
Treatment Components


This week we will cover

Adaptive Basis of the
Components of Anxiety
The Importance of Thoughts
Introduction to
Cognitive Restructuring


This week we will cover

Automatic Thoughts


This week we will cover

Thinking Errors
Challenging Automatic Thoughts
Rational Responses


This week we will cover

Cognitive Restructuring Practice
Next Steps

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Annual Live Sessions offered twice a year
Lifetime Access, including any updates

Anxiety, Stop! is grounded in solid research and extensive clinical experience, and teaches you how to manage anxiety. This is a proven session by session group treatment program for anyone with anxiety using engaging examples and hands-on clinical tools.  Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective tool used in the treatment of anxiety disorders, upon which this program was developed.

Anyone can sign up at any given point in the year, however, twice a year, this program scheduled to offer a Live interactive Zoom call to offer the opportunity to use real scenarios. During this time, you receive on the spot examples of each session.

Live Sessions scheduled for 2021
Winter Session: Tuesdays, January 12 – January 16
Fall Session: Wednesdays, November 3 – December 8

One-time Investment: $197 CAD + HST


Rollie Allaire is a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach whose Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.​​

Since 2001, Rollie has drawn on her extensive career background of clinical psychotherapy skills and – in recent years – combined that with Energy Work, Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, ThetaHealing,
Akashic Record reading and clearings, meditation, Moon Medicine teachings, and looking at life through the Medicine Wheel in the form of Life & Wellness Coaching and Facilitating.

She helps women manage anxiety by giving them the ability to
soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better in order to take massive action in their life
so that they gain confidence, feel self-assured, strong, happy,
and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.

Rollie strongly believes that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that her job is to bridge the gap between the client and the methods that best suit their process. No matter what our experience in life
we can change our lives by taking action and not staying stuck. By helping ourselves, we help others
who are struggling with similar experiences. 
No one comes through this world without struggle,
but it’s how we move through those struggles that get us to the other side.