About Women Inspiring Women

Where did it all begin?

In 2012, Rollie Allaire and her Co-op Student, Stephany Lafave organized a Dove Self-Esteem Weekend for High School students. This weekend was welcomed with the support of other professionals who provided their services and support. Mothers shared how they would love to  have something like this for themselves.

Six years later, Rollie organized her first Women Inspiring Women weekend held in North Bay, ON. The theme for the first Women Inspiring Women Conference was “Loving Yourself Enough To …” where remarkable speakers shared their time and their stories with the women who attended this event. They shared what it was like for them to “love yourself enough”.

The feedback from that weekend was astounding and Rollie immediately set the date for the following year’s event with no idea where or what the Conference would look like.

In the early Fall 2019, Rollie and Danielle met each other and Rollie invited her to join on last year’s venture. An invitation for Speakers, Vendors and Spa Services went out and was met with an over-whelming response from each. The theme for 2019 was #BalanceForBetter and they brought in a beautiful, diverse group of women who shared how they create balance in their lives with the women in attendance. 

We are truly blessed to be part of an amazing community of women who are willing to take the time out of their own lives and schedules to share their knowledge and expertise to make this happen.

Planning for 2020 has already begun in preparation for this coming year’s event. This coming year’s theme is “Living with Intention”.

Rollie’s long-term goal was to create an opportunity to offer the “Youth Self-Esteem” Weekend annually. The objective of the Annual Women Inspiring Women Conference is to seed the beginning of this Annual Youth event for the young girls in our local community.