Rollie Allaire

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Geegado Megwan Kwe (Talking Feather Woman)


Create Your Vision

Join me LIVE on December 4th at 1:00 PM EST

Spend the afternoon with me in a hands on virtual workshop, creating your vision for 2022!

Include the live call, recording and workbook!

ONLY $7.00 CAD

Registration Opens December 4th

Soulful Lifehacks

Join us for the Winter Solstice Session of Soulful Lifehacks.

A membership based program that focuses on women with anxiety issues who are ready to embark on a new beginning.

Do you feel:

  • Misunderstood
  • Stuck in your life
  • Isolated

Then you need Soulful Lifehacks!

Meet Rollie

Meet Rollie…

As a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, I help women with anxiety by giving them the ability to soulfully master their emotions, connect to their true power and learn to feel better. My program gives women the strength to take massive action in their lives, gain confidence, feel self assured, strong, happy and surround themselves with a supportive, connected community when they feel most isolated.

I draw on my extensive career in clinical psychotherapy, energy work, chakra work, crystal reiki, theta healing, Aksashic record reading/clearing, meditation, mood medicine, life/wellness coaching and group facilitating and utilize compassion, gentle sternness and honesty, gained through managing the trauma in my own life to help women move on from a situation they feel stuck in, providing validation of their strength to improve their life, when they feel discouraged.

Let’s Get Started on Your Healing

My Gift To You…

Rollie Allaire, Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

Current Offerings…

Live Virtual Workshop on December 4th to explore and create your vision/dreams for next year.

School of Wellness ICON

The Online School of Wellness gives you access to self guided wellness courses, workshops, and memberships designed to free you from anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, and anger. Combining unconventional methods andHolistic approaches you will learn to heal from the inside out.

Bridging the Gap Wellness Center is located in Haileybury Canada and is a one of a kind full range wellness service. Our Center is home to various holistic practitioners offering holistic methods to guide balance of the body, mind, heart and soul.

Moon Medicine Teachings is a place where women come together with the intention of connecting, uplifting, and learning about the traditions of Grandmother Moon, Moon Energies, and Moon Cycles.

What My Clients Are Saying…

The Chakradance Retreat

[The Chakradance Retreat] what my body had been yearning for all these years.”

“I always wanted to work on my chakras but didn’t know where or how to start. When I saw a post on Facebook, [I] jumped at the idea of a Chakradance retreat on a beautiful island on Portage Bay. The scenery, the peacefulness, the friendships that were made and first of all the healing of blocked chakras with meditation, dancing and essential oils was what my body had been yearning for all these years. … I felt joy, compassion, forgiveness, [and] contentment flow freely.

If you really need to get out of your present emotional mess, I urge you to seek Rollie’s help at Bridging the Gap Wellness. You will not regret it.”

— Diane M.

You Respected Who I Was...

You respected who I was…”

I never felt ashamed or guilty of the things that had happened in my life when I was around you. You may not know it but you are a big part of how my healing journey continued. You helped me regain my relationship with my daughters whom I had been away from for a few years.  By bringing us together and inviting them to our sessions made me feel like you really cared about our feelings and our well being. … You gave us memories we will always have taking us to locations and always involving what was most important to me, my children and my culture.

You respected who I was and I always felt comfortable with you knowing I was not being judged, you made me feel like an equal never less than or like a minority.”

— Brenda B

I Can Get Help & Support In My Life

“I can get help and support in my life…”

“While receiving [care], I was able to understand that it is okay to seek help.Since I received care from Rollie, I can feel more comfortable with the fact that I can get help and support in my life and not feel ashamed.”

— Debra M

A Guiding Light To So Many...

“A guiding light to so many.”

“How do you do it all, Rollie Allaire? You are such an inspiration, such a guiding light to so many. In my world I see it as an angel on earth. You help and bless people everyday. Thank you for being you.

— Donna Q.

Who I Was Meant To Be...

“I can finally be me.”

“What an amazing transformation in my life. For the first time in 40+ years I can finally be my most genuine self every day.

I have emerged for my uptight, stressed out and depressed me into an amazing woman. Thankk you so much for guiding me!”

— Chloe H.