About Sarah Charbonneau

Meet Sarah Charbonneau

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She owns Myo Solace

Myo Solace offers Massage and other holistic practices to bring your body, mind, and soul to a peaceful and calming state, a state where all healing can start to take place. Myo solace offers deep tissue, relaxation & hot stone massage as well as reflexology, fire cupping, craniosacral therapy as well as spiritual practices such as meditation/visualization, energetic cord cuttings, smudging to let go of people, place & things that no longer serve us.

Sarah Charbonneau also is a Doterra consultant and believes in the power of essential oils and alternative medicines. I make salves, potions, soaps, and witchy products for our boutique.

Sarah will be sharing “Healer at Heart” 

Her journey on becoming a spiritual healer, learning how to prosper through difficult times, and having faith that sometimes things don’t work out because the universe has something better in store. She had to learn not to be afraid of letting things go and closing doors for new doors to open and new opportunities to present themselves. Accepting and trusting her intuition as well as accepting that her spiritual gifts are given to her so that she can share them with the world, not hide them out of fear of being judged. Once she accepted her power the universe delivered.

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Website https://myosolace.com 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Myosolace