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She owns Earthside Acres

Mélyssa offers equine-assisted learning to women looking to reconnect with themselves, feel confident, and regain trust in themselves. 

Equine Assisted Learning is a facilitated approach to developing life skills with horses. The women get to connect with horses on the ground to create trust, confidence, and leadership. 

Working as a team with the horses, you work through the exercise stations to achieve success! 

Services offered are one on one, group programs, workshops, and date nights. Hoof to heart women’s program will be launched spring of 2022. She creates a safe environment for women to feel supported, heard, and encouraged.

Mélyssa will be sharing “Living my Dream after Healing from Postpartum Depression & Anxiety”

She will be sharing her own personal story of grief, growth, and success through postpartum anxiety and depression. 

Motherhood can be challenging, exhausting, and healing. For Mélyssa, it was all the above! 

The challenges? Having lost her mother when she was 18 to cancer. Traumatic birth story. Losing who she was.

The exhaustion? Postpartum Anxiety/ Postpartum Depression, being a farmer’s wife, sleepless nights, and trying to do it all on her own. 

The Healing? Grief, boundaries, speaking up, asking for help, and of course, horses. 

Although there were struggles, she has grown so much as a person, a mother, a wife, and now a business owner. 

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