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Dr. Christine Malenda, creator of Spiritual Prosperity™, knows she was gifted with an innate calling to help others experience “enlightened vitality” in spirit, body, and business. Her mission from a young age has been to show the way for the world to live as happy, healthy, and wholly human beings. Motivated by her incredibly challenging journey, Dr. Christine has dedicated her life to the study of Psychology and Anatomy of Spirit. Her doctorate in Metaphysical Healing launched into her global career as mentor, coach, speaker, and best-selling author alongside such notables as Dr. Wayne Dyer and authors from The Secret. Inspired each day to help women reveal “The Wealthiest Version” of themselves, Dr. Christine helps her clients emerge from their darkest moments and free themselves to flourish in good fortune. Her Wealthiest Version of YOU teachings ARE the Divine Way for ALL to bring their greatest gifts to the world!

Dr. Christine will be sharing “The Wealthiest Version of YOU™”

Far too much time in a woman’s life is spent mired in lack, fear, and frustration keeping her from receiving the wisdom of her Higher Self. 

Now you will learn: 

*How to tap the secret in your body to break the boundaries of fear, lack, and confusion so you open your mind-blowing power to prosper

*How to release your habits, routines, and rituals that have created a mindset that keeps you shackled and disconnected from the Wealthiest Version of Yourself

*How to flip your money habits that routinely set you up for failure, opposing & repelling what you desire most

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