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She owns Diane Cunningham

Diane coaches action-taking Christian women entrepreneurs as they scale their online businesses while having FUN.  She hosts the mastermind group for Christian women experts (coaches, speakers, counselors, authors, and online teachers) who want to create communities, uplevel their coaching offers, and scale their online business.

Diane also offers workshops, VIP Days, private coaching, and speaking. As a former counselor, she combines the magic of counseling and coaching into her programs with ease.  She works with women (and a few brave men) all through the world. She loves to help people do the brave things they dream of and have more fun!

Diane will be sharing “Build a Brave Business” 

Entrepreneurship is a brave journey of recreating yourself. Diane Cunningham Ellis has done this numerous times after losing her first career as a counsellor related to a suicide and a lawsuit of a client. Then again after her rock bottom with addiction.  

Learn her 3 part recipe for choosing BRAVE again and again

  • 7 Ways to Show Up, Be Seen, and Get Paid in your business
  • The Create Market Deliver Method
  • 3 Mistakes Women Often Make When Rising Up

Diane will share her story of victory and faith and bring loads of laughter to the zoom room!  Let’s choose brave!

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Website www.DianeCunningham.com 

Facebook www.Facebook.com/DianeCunningham 

YouTube www.YouTube.com/LifeCoachDiane