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She owns Mystical Journey

This mystical journey has allowed her to take control of her life and to walk the path of her purpose. This journey allowed her to explore a variety of training, workshops, and mentorships to better serve herself and to bring a sense of connection, growth, and sacredness to her community. These trainings inspired her to create a safe space for women who may be feeling like she was … lost, alone, vulnerable, or searching for a place to belong. 

Amilie had a dream that she was hosting a sacred gathering with seven glowing women sitting in a circle, this dream awakened a vision within her soul. She didn’t know where it would take her but she trusted that this dream was a sign to create this space for women to come together. Today she feels blessed to have shared sacred space and met an abundance of women from all over the place and of all different backgrounds coming together to empower each other.

She encourages you to learn the fundamental aspects of walking this path called life. She feels that when she learns she grows and when she grows she expands. Learning a  deeper understanding of how our behaviors are influenced by our past so we can take control of our future. 

She believes that our journey is a constant movement of change, adaptation, growing, and learning.

May she be your guide on your Mystical Journey.

Amilie will be sharing “Believe and You Will Achieve” 

I’ll be chatting with you on my “go-to kit” to make all my dreams come true. Yep, that’s right, all of them. When you truly believe you could, you could. You see, dreams aren’t as hard to grasp, in fact, we dream all the time. In our sleep, while waiting for the bus (daydreaming) but the key is how to make your dreams a reality. It isn’t easy, it takes a lot of dedication and belief, trial and error. I will share my story and provide you tips to help make all your dreams your reality. 

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