10-Day e-course

April 22-May 1, 2020

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had more energy? If you could be more fully present in your body? If you could trust your instincts and listen to the wisdom your body holds?  The key to all this is the health and vibrancy of the Base Chakra.

Everything changes when you start to listen to your body’s wisdom 


When we begin to work with the Base Chakra, we truly activate this energy center and we don’t have to imagine a life like this anymore, we can actually live and breathe it instead!

The Base Chakra is a wonderful place to begin any healing journey, as it is the foundation of our entire chakra system. By strengthening our base, our other chakras can begin to flow with health and vibrancy too!

I am offering the 10-day Reboot Your Base Chakra  e-course which begins April 22 and runs right through until May 1st. This is a guided course (can also be self-paced) will take less than 1 hour per day. Tune into your body’s instinctual wisdom, connect you with your power animal, and be introduced to the mantra and mantra-dance for the Base Chakra. It also includes guided visualizations, dancing meditations, as well as practical exercises and information.  


  • Private discussion group on Facebook
  • Welcome e-book
  • Guided visualizations
  • Dancing meditations
  • Practical exercises

I am Rollie Allaire and I’m a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach and Soul Healer. My Spirit name is Geegado Megwan Kwe, which means Talking Feather Woman.

I work with women who have experienced childhood trauma, sexual trauma, domestic violence, and grief to retrieve the lost parts of their soul and achieve wellness, joy, and success. 

Since 2001, I draw on my extensive career background of clinical psychotherapy skills and more recent years, combine that with Chakra work, Crystal Reiki, ThetaHealing, Akashic Record reading and clearing, meditation, Grandmother Moon teachings and using the Medicine Wheel to explore these areas of your life by combining coaching and energy healing.

Do you want to feel more energized and alive?

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