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Rollie Allaire

Holistic Life & Wellness Coach

GEEGADO MEGWAN KWE, Spirit Name which means Talking Feather Woman

This is an invitation to join a 30-day Gratitude Challenge that starts on April 1st.

During these next 30 days, you will be able to cultivate a daily gratitude practice. By participating in this challenge, you can expect to learn and experience the following:

Increased awareness
The challenge will help you become more mindful and present daily, helping you
notice the small things that bring joy and gratitude.

A shift in mindset
Regular practice of gratitude can lead to a more positive and optimistic
outlook on life, which can improve mental health and well-being.

Appreciation for relationships
Through the challenge, you may start to appreciate the people in your life
more and become more aware of their positive impact on you.

Better coping skills
Gratitude can help you cope with difficult situations by providing a different perspective
and allowing you to focus on the positive aspects of a situation.

Increased happiness
Regular gratitude practice has been linked to increased levels of
happiness and life satisfaction, making it a valuable tool for overall well-being.

Meet Rollie

Meet Rollie…

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Geegado Megwan Kwe
That’s my Spirit name, handed down to me by an elder. Little did I know then how much I would eventually embody that name – “Talking Feather Woman”.

I strongly believe that each person has the ability to heal themselves and that my job is to bridge the gap between the client and the methods that best suit their process. No matter what our experience in life we can change our lives by taking action and not staying stuck. By helping ourselves, we help others who are struggling with similar experiences. No one comes through this world without struggle, but it’s how we move through those struggles that get us to the other side.

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